What is Social Media Marketing?

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What is Social Media Marketing? A detailed intro below;

Before knowing about Social Media Marketing we must have some knowledge about Social Media.

Social Media:

Back in the days when there was no internet, there were only print media, Broadcast Media and Outdoor Media.

Print Media:

It is also known as paper media which includes all the newspapers, magazines and other hardcopy things. This media is almost taken over by latest media known as digital media.

Broadcast media

This on the other hand includes radio and television. Broadcast media is still well known because people have not stopped watching news or dramas on the television.

Outdoor media;

It is the media used to market things out of home. This media is still young and used by many organization to catch attention of their target market.

Now coming back to social media, Social media is replacement to all the above media. Social Media includes all the sites which are used for communication through which attention can be grabbed online.

Social Media is an online media for marketing in which companies pay to the websites for increasing traffic to their website throught social websites.

Following are some famous social media sites, attached links are all the social media of Marketist.

Social Media Marketing;

The marketing which is done on the social sites is known as Social Media Marketing. It is also known as SMM in short.

SMM is both free and paid. We will discuss this in detail below;


All the above mentioned sites are free to join, all you have to sign up with basic details and create account so that you can grab your target audience’s attention. Availability on these sites is must these days for any brand.

If you are not available on Social Media, Your brand does not even exist.

You can do marketing by sharing your account/page/website on different platforms so that you could transfer that traffic to your website and increase number of customers for you.

On Facebook create page for your brand, on Instagram and twitter use hashtags to connect to target market, on Youtube use videos to catch attention of clients and on linkedin grab people who are looking for connection and a job.


Paid is the promotion on the above sites when you pay these sites to sponsor you message and they charge you for that.

Now this is also important to use but only when your business is fully grown and earning well. This is totally not recommended to startups. Not recommended.

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