Types of Market Survey

Types of Market Survey!

In previous article We discussed Market Survey in Pakistan, below is the link. In this article we will discuss the types of market survey in details.

Market Survey in Pakistan

Types of market survey:
  • Market Research Survey
  • Sales Lead generation Survey
  • Brand Awareness Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Corporate Survey
    • Evaluation
    • Employee/job Satisfaction
    • Training Evaluation
    • Event Evaluation
    • Exist Interview
  • Customized Survey
Market Research Survey

Before any product or service launch a survey is conducted which is known as market research survey. This could be consumer based or business based.

If it is consumer based we research the behavior of the customer, how does he respond to the service/product, who is your end customer, how are they purchasing or where your products are being sold.

Sales Lead generation Survey

Your sales is going down day by day, then this survey is for you, visit customers and ask them why they are not purchasing your products? What is it stopping them? What do they prefer? Gather their data and market in near future.

Brand Awareness Survey

This is purely related to brand identity, where does your brand stand in the market? What people think when they first see your logo/website or social media platforms? How much customer is loyal and trust your brand? How many times he gets to you for same product?

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do you know your customer is happy with you or he wants some big changes in this product line?

As we all know customer is the boss of the market and he is always right, via this survey we can gather customer’s feedback and plan our things accordingly.

Corporate Survey

This is the evaluation survey of employees, how they perform in the company. Promotions take place as per the evaluation of the employees.

Employee Satisfaction;

How well are your employees satisfied.

Training Evaluation

This survey is conducted after any training which takes place in the organization. Usually it is task of the HR department.

Event Evaluation

At the end of every event a survey is conducted to know how was the event and what improvements could be made. This is that survey type.

Exit Interview

Are you leaving your job soon? An interview will be taken by HR team just to know how was your experience?

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