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Towards Professionalism by Marketist:

Towards Professionalism by Marketist is a training program specially designed for people who are having difficulties in finding their desired jobs.

We are all struggling with our careers at one point or the other in our lives. Institutes around the world (Be is schools, colleges and universities) arrange career counselling for their students from the beginning so that it could be easier to choose careers.

Also they teach how to proceed with what they have decided.

But Unfortunately there are still so many institutes which even do not have career counselling department. We at Marketist have felt that there should be a training on career.

Towards Professionalism by Marketist is the fine training which will not only cover career counselling but also following;

CV Building and Cover Letter:

In today’s world of Jobs CV is very important as this is your profile on which employer calls you for interview.

We will teach you CV Building, what to include in CV and what not to as there are so many CVs we see every week in which unnecessary details is filled.

On the other hand many organizations still ask for cover letter. Cover letter is written description.

Job Portals:

Now a days CVs have become online and many organizations hire online through job portals eg:linkedin. But unfortunately it has also become business for many webs like rozee etc. They charge candidates and list their CV at top for employer. In this case many talented candidates are left behind.

In Towards Professionalism we shall teach you how to be number 1 candidate for employer without even paying.

How to find a job?

There are so many ways to find a job in Pakistan but unfortunately we do not know how to find the desired job and apply for them because we do not know exact things.

In TP we will help you work on this as well.

Email Writing:

Do you remember if they taught you how to write an email in college or university? If you are in Pakistan then answer is No. Let us help you writing a catchy and responsive email.

Interview Coaching:

Well, when they call you for interview you need to do some homework before entering into that room. There are some etiquette to follow for interview.

Let Us teach you this too.

Here is bonus things which you will have in TP as these sessions costs way more than you think but in TP you will have them for FREE.

  • A Session of HR Manager in highly known Organization.
  • Career Counselling
  • Personal Development
  • Motivational Dose (A motivational speaking session by certified Speaker).
Why you should attend towards Professionalism?

Here is the list of reason why;

  • Marketist believes in Practical work rather than theories and only bookish knowledge.
  • Our trainer will sit with you and help you make above.
  • Your CVs/Cover Letter/Job Portals will be reviewed and then we shall suggest you the improvements.
  • This is training program filled with activities not only power point slides.
  • We will give training on board not on digital slides.
  • We are trained and qualified.
  • InshaAllah when you will leave the room you will feel confident and will get the job soon.
Who is eligible to attend?
  • Final Year Students
  • Students who want to do job during their studies.
  • People who are looking for jobs.
  • Also if you are doing job and wants to switch it.

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