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Our Door to Door Marketing Strategy:

Door to Door Marketing Strategy is very important because we want maximum impact on our sales. Here is how we make door to door marketing strategy.

Create Offer
Discount - Information - Communication 100%
Select Target Market
Area/Income Level/Jobians/Businessmen 100%
Time | Date | Day 100%
ROI - SOI 100%

Shares live location while campaign.

Brouchers/Pamphlets in targeted areas eg: Houses/Markets/Cars

Detailed daily report of areas covered (houses/offices etc)

Areas Covered:

Areas# of HomesIncome Level
F-62500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
F-72500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
F-82500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
F-102500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
F-112500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
Areas# of HomesIncome Level
G-6/3 & G-6/41500Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
G-81500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-93500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-103500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-114000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-14/4800Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-151800Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
G-133500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
PWD Society*3500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Police Foundation 0-93000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Pakistan Town 1+2*2500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Soan Garden4000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Korang Town*2500Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Bahria Town Phase 1-8*12000High Income bracket < Rs250,000 +
Airport Housing Society2000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Areas# of HomesIncome Level
I-83500High Income bracket < Rs250,000 +
I-92000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
I-105000Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+


Areas# of HomesIncome Level
B-17800Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
D-12700Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
E-7700Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
E-112800Very High Income  < Rs 500,000+
Green Ave400Very High Income  < Rs 1,000,000+
Bani Gala1000Very High Income  < Rs 1,000,000+
Margalla Town 1+21800Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
Shehzad Town1200Moderate to High Income  < Rs150,000+
  • Quote/Proposal sent is valid for 15 days only after it is sent.
  • Campaign time would be 2 – 3 working days after sign up (subject to selected campaign).
  • The campaign is only for marketing/promotional purpose and does not promise any sales.
  • Special Package is customized which is designed for 1 customer and it is a limited time offer.
  • Separate Charges will be charged with * areas


Rs. 3 per house
Upto 10000 Houses

Rs. 2.5 per house
Up to 50000 Houses

Rs. 1.5 per house
Complete Isl/Rwp (Available Areas)

Rs. 3000/-


  • Shirt and Cap (Your website Link and Logo on T Shirt) while campaign.
  • Shares live location while campaign.
  • Pictures and Video clips of the streets.
  • Brouchers/Pamphlets in targeted areas eg: Houses, Markets, Malls and Cars.
  • Brouchers/Pamphlets in targeted commercial areas of Isl/Rwp.
  • Detailed daily report of areas covered (Houses/Offices/People)

WHY choose Marketist Door to Door Marketing Agency?

Because Our Door to Door Marketing Agency has qualified and professional marketers who make strategy to achieve short and long term goals of company. 

Attract new Customers – Engage potential Customers – Retain Existing Customers

As customer I would feel special if I receive any promotion or post card directly at my door step.

Well, all types of marketing are great to grab the attention, but through D2D customer can react instantly if your offer is catchy and attractive.
* Building and making your customer – company relationship stronger, customer will be happy to know that you care for them making announcements and giving them discounts/offers.
* As an organization you can directly communicate with your customer with your offers, feedback forms, new or existing product/service information, contact details, your office/store location and much more.
* Every potential customer can hold your brochure/post card in their hands and this way they can memorize your company’s products/services details easily.
* This is the only marketing campaign which has longer shelf life, customer can keep your brochure or post card like forever or long enough till your offer/discount expires.
* This will also increases your word of mouth among customers and more leads will be generated.
*  Well with marketing with us, you can choose your targeted areas based on income profiles or jobs your customers do.

Door to Door Marketing products?

Promotional Leaflets – Product Samples – Discount Offers – Membership cards – Everything which can be carried easily. 

Website Audit - SEO Audit - Content Audit

Let Us do Your Door to Door Campaign!