Newage Cables’ AD goes viral because of money heist parody

Newage Cables AD goes viral because of money heist parody AD Review

Some crazy and creative Marketer had this idea to create a parody of Money Heist which is one of the top shows on netflix. He created the ad and it went viral. AD was created for cable company named as Newage Cables.

Before writing a review on ad, let’s have a look at video;

When Money Heist season V came, all the brands cached out its feast but this Pakistani cables brand Newage Cables did it’s own creativity with pleasant comedy.

Ad starts when the police enters the building while the gang celebrates with the looted money and then they ask the professor update and then request professor to blow the tunnel.

Here comes the funny part when the b omb does not blast and wires are damaged. And now the brand tells you to use quality cables else you will be caught up.

AD Review of Newage Cables:

  • The concept of Money Heist was great idea to create fuss.
  • It just hit mind and I will always remember the brand whenever I will refer to Money Heist as it had touch of comedy.
  • I will give 7/10
    • Because of visuals, they could work on it
    • Choose better characters may be
    • Music could have been better too.

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