Marketist Broadcast

Marketist Broadcast

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In this article we will discuss Marketist Broadcast in details, every bit of it.

Marketist Broadcast is a service provided by Marketist in which we share your pre recorded message to your target audience.

For example; You (as company) are about to start a campaign in which Your target audience is youth, You will share the data (includes mobile numbers) and recorded message, we then will send that message to your target audience with automated calls.

This is exactly same campaign as you might have done by sending SMS to your target audience but the difference is in Marketist Broadcast it will be voice call and pre recorded.

Why it is used?

Well being customer you must know why you will use any service. Following are some tasks which can be done very easily with massive audience;

  • Conduct Surveys
  • Gather Feedback
  • Advertisement
  • Broadcast Political Party’s manifesto
  • Awareness Campaigns
Conduct Surveys/Gather Feedback

Well the times have gone in which you reach to every target audience and conduct feedback or survey. With Our Service you can gather it via automated response with our pre recorded message service.


There are so many modern advertisement ways in which companies advertise in which major is digital media but via this you can reach your target market very easily as you will know to who you are sending your advertisements.

Broadcast Political Party’s manifesto

Are you running a political party? It is very difficult to convince people to vote for you, but via our service you can reach them via recorded call.

Recently you must have heard call of current Prime Minister Imran Khan asking you to vote for change in 2018 elections. We provide that service.

Awareness Campaigns

You are head of social welfare foundation and want to spread your public awareness message, we can do that for you.

How do we provide results of your campaigns?

  • 5 scale rating system
  • Statistical Report
  • Call Summary Details
  • Full Report generation

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