Is it wise to invest in flyer distribution now? Does it really work?

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Flyer Distribution? Yes you are thinking it right, why any business would invest in such an old way of marketing and promoting business when we have complete digital system for that? We have digital media which is way effective than this old school of marketing which is flyer disctribution.

I will discuss whether it still work or not with all the descriptions in this blog, read it full you will end up learning something for sure.

What is flyer distribution?

When you distribute company flyers or brochures to house to house is known as flyer distribution.

Till the last decade Marketers around the world kept doing research and tried to find the ways to grab new customers. Flyer Distribution Advertising is one of the result of those researches.

Ways to distribute brochures?

Well, as marketer there are so many ways to do brouchure distribution, here are some in my knowledge;

  • Every House in your target market
  • You can hand over to people in market, where there are loads of offices and millions of people go there daily.
  • You can put the flyer in the mirror of the car or fix it in car viper.
  • Stand outside the mall, school, college, university, main gate, mosque (Specially Jummah prayer) and handover to people.
  • Also you can use it in gift or packing bags. Eg: If your customer visits and s/he has done shopping, you just put brochure in that shopping bag.

Who should still use flyer advertising?

Well any business can still use it just target different people, I highly recommend if you have following businesses;

  • Home Made food delivery business.
  • Restaurants
  • Local business/shop of retail, medical store, fruits or any other.
  • Small clinic
  • Educational institute including schools and tutions.

Now let’s discuss does it still work?

Well, being a marketer and flyer disctribution service provider I believe yes it still work and works better in some cases. Here is few reasons;

  • It has longer shelf life. If you see an ad on social media you will pass it in seconds but if your target customer likes your services s/he will keep the flyer and take it out when service or product is needed.
  • It is direct communication exactly like you visited your close friend and had a chat over a cup of tea.
  • Customer will love it more as you will reach your customer unlike other platforms, customer has to do loads of research before finalising but once customer has your flyer, it is an honor.

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