Impact of CoronaVirus on Search Engine Marketing

Impact of CoronaVirus on Search Engine Marketing

Impact of CoronaVirus on Search Engine Marketing is worth noticing in the world of Search Engines.

Before we move further let me ask you a question, have you ever been sick for a month and never went out shopping rather than sitting at home using search engine and finding your desired product?

Answer me in the comment box if I make a connection. Well I have been in that state when I was on bed for 7 days and ordered everything online and few online shops became my best friends. Like we use to roam around in the mall, I used to scroll up, search and order on these websites.

Coronoavirus not having high impact on physical health only but also it is hitting high economically. This is the time SEO Experts need to be active as this may lead to better opportunities to increase sales leads.

Here is what coronavirus may put us as its is spreading globally and impact of CoronaVirus on Search Engine Marketing;

  • Increase in home shopping
  • Social Gatherings
  • Conferences may cancel or shift to stream online
  • Education Online as schools may be closed
  • Product shortage
  • Work from home increases
  • Travel diaries become empty
  • Social gatherings at cafes and parks

How it is connected with search engines?

Well it seems that everything is going to be online and people will search more so the better the SEO the better will visitor reach, which may lead to more sales and potential customers.

Increase in home shopping:

Have you watched recent videos of Wuhan, China? They show the empty streets like there are no people. It will not take much time to spread around the world and same case will happen in all streets of the world.

This will lead more purchase online. As experts of corona say do not leave houses and roam around without any purpose, so people will home shop.

Here is the tweet of some SEO Pro:

Conferences may cancel or shift to stream online:

As per SEJ (Search Engine Journal) many conferences has started to cancel multiple events. 2 major conferences;

  • DealMaker London by Rakuten Advertising (1st April 2020)
  • Cloudnext by Google (6th April, 2020)

These are the major around the world, there may be many other which are cancelled, rescheduled or shifted to stream online. This is major breakthrough in the history of conferences.

    Education Online as schools may be closed:

    Local social media star Junaid Akram mentioned in his Facebook story that schools in Wuhan have become online as regular, kid has to dress up like he uses to be in school and come in front of camera and teacher teaches the lesson.

    So it means for an SEO expert if you are working on any online school project, you need to shift the hear up and focus, it is the time you may have more online students around the world.

    Product shortage:

    As we all know, china is number one supplier of almost every goods. Now factories in china have been shut down and export has decreased to minimum. There is going to be shortage of many products around the globe.

    Less supplies lead to Less inventory, it leads to more demand and increase in prices.

    Work from home increases:

    Last day I was reading news from Middle East Monitor that Dubai’s emirates group has asked its staff to take paid or unpaid leaves due to increase in corona.

    Also there are many other companies which are supporting the idea of work from home.

    Recent news is that Twitter just asked its employees to work from home.

    Travel diaries become empty:

    International travelling has become one hectic job because of corona virus. Latest news is that Saudi Arabia cancelled all visiting and umrah visas. Many flights have been cancelled in UAE and Iran.

    Likewise it is happening around the world as more cases are showing up.

    Social gatherings at cafes and parks:

    Major prevention of the virus is not to make eye contact with person who is not feeling well, so social gatherings have decreased in big numbers.

    Parks are getting empty day by day, cafes and other social gathering places are going in loss already.

    Negative things for SEO companies;

    As many businesses who are in premium category may not need SEO services as people will not buy it. so we all SEO professionals plan accordingly.

    Please comment as your views are important to us.

    Writer: Imran Nadir
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