List of top Freelancing Platforms for Beginners!

List of top Freelancing Platforms for Beginners - fiverr - upwork - guru - freelancer

Freelancing Platforms for Beginners:

Although there is list of freelancing platforms on the internet but keeping beginners and newbies in mind, I am going to share list of top freelancing platforms for beginners in this blog.

Even if you are experienced freelance professional, you can also join any of these to increase number of leads for you.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

Before moving further let me categorize freelancing platforms into 2;

  • Gig Based
    It is where you place your services, client search for you and assign you the project if you are perfect fit for the job.
  • Bidding System
    Here client post a project, we as freelancer bid on it to win it, client awards the job to the most suitable to him/her.


I as a freelancer highly recommend beginners to begin with Fiverr.

Why Fiverr for beginners?

  • You can get profile approval very easy.
  • It has algo which works for you the more you are online, the more chances you have to grab a project or message.
  • User friendly modern interface of website.
  • You can start off at low as $5
  • Can provide up to 7 gigs at start.

It is Gig based freelancing platform. Some top features of fiverr includes;

  • Gigs:
    It gives you opportunity to showcase your skills on your gig so that client could see when s/he searches for you.
  • Ranking Gigs:
    You can rank your gig using SEO including Titles, Descriptions, Image and Tags etc. (I will discuss in upcoming blogs).
  • Buyer Requests:
    You are not limited to creating gigs but platform gives you power to win projects by sending customized buyer requests.
    Each user gets 10 BR daily which is great to grab a project.
  • Levels of Freelancer
    We start off with 0 level, then there is level 1, 2 and Top Seller.
  • Review System
    Clients can review your work which helps getting more projects.


Upwork came into being by the merger of odesk and elance. It is bid based project but it started projects recently which I do not see a success although it helps grow your profile.

I recommend this platform to people who achieve level 1 on fiverr because at this point a freelancer gets good portfolio and expertise in their skills.

Good things about upwork:

  • It is premium platform where professionals come and post their projects.
  • Projects are of high value in $$ and work.
  • You get to have permanent clients for future.
  • High chances that you will begin your small agency with just one returning or permanent client who brings you the business.
  • Your skills get valued.
  • Per hour wages for your hard work starts off from $5 where as on fiverr you get to complete whole project in $5.

Challenges you may face in upwork:

  • Getting first project on upwork is quite a challange for all newly joined people whether you are fresher or have years and years of experience.
  • For beginners it is hard to pay for the bids.
  • Bids on upwork are quite expensive.
  • You need loads of patience.


Unfortunately after fiverr and upwork Guru has lost huge interest of freelancers, most got success at the beginning but ultimately everyone shifted to upwork.

Guru is yet another bidding plarform where you get 10 bids free each month but more you have to buy.

If you are newbie, must create an account to use those 10 free bids carefully, either you will get a project or you will learn few things.

Like upwork on guru you will find rich clients too who spends good money on their work, yet again you need to have a good portfolio to show on guru.


No doubt there is huge number of freelancers who work on freelancer platform but I personally do not like it nor I recommend it but it is indeed good opportunity to learn few thing.

Like guru freelancer also provides free bids, so just create an account and have some experience of sending proposals and finding right client for you.

Well, I have made a small video for you if you are not in a mood to read, here is the link:

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If you have any questions, please do not forget to comment below and I shall surely answer or write detailed answer to your queries.


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