Here is the List of Top FREE Cloud Storage Services.

Top FREE Cloud Storage Services

If you have data and you want to save it on cloud but worried due to cloud storage services are expensive, well I have gathered top FREE cloud storage services for you where you can save any data including your personal photos, lengthy videos, heavy files and other personal stuff.

I will share list of features these cloud provide including total FREE data and charges for additional data.

  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • iCloud
  • Mega
  • PCloud
  • Media fire
  • Sync
  • Ice Drive

Google Drive Storage:

Google has been serving cloud services since 2012. As of July 2018 It had 1 billion + users. It gives 15 GB Free cloud includes emails, photos, documents and everything you save.

They charge when you exceed this limit.

One Drive Storage:

It is the product of Microsoft which competes Google. It launched back in 2007. They provide less GBs than Google, 5 GB FREE only.


Talking about storage and we do not discuss apple, that’s just unfair to Apple. iCloud is service provided by Apple and launched back in 2011 and as of July 2018 it had 250+ million users. Like Microsoft it also provide 5 GBs of cloud to it’s users.


Mega was launched back in 2013 and it is very famous cloud for sharing big files. Around 150+ million users use it. It provides 50 GB of cloud which is way too much then other big 3 (Google, Microsoft and Apple)


Company based in Switzerland, quite famous for it’s privacy and gives 10 GB of cloud to it’s users.

Media fire:

Quite an old service founded in 2006, another great source to save your data in FREE cloud of 10 GB.


Only 5 GB FREE storage.

Ice Drive:

They call themselves next gen cloud storage with FREE 10 GB of cloud.

So next time when you worry to have the space, you can consider these free storage services to save your huge data. Personally I use Google Drive.

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