FFC Sona Urea new TVC tells us to respect food

FFC Sona Urea new TVC tells us to respect food - Fauji-New-TVC

Usually ads which shows value and respect catches our attention. Same was with new ad of Fauji Fertilizers Company (FFC Sona Urea) which took our attention for not only seeing the famous actor Farhan Ali Agha but also the value and respect they have shown in the ad.

Let’s have a look at ad first then let’s review it;

Detailed narration of FFC Sona Urea AD;

Like most ad of agriculture this ad also begins with drop of rain water in the land, and a plant pops out.

As the ad moves on we see the complete circle of farmer’s journey starting from working hard in land and harvesting the food and that food going to kitchen and ate by people in restaurant and ignored by child in a second, here they mentioned how hard it is to get that harvested and research etc.

AD review of FFC Sona Urea;

  • Thank God it is not another dancing ad so its positive in ad industry. As the ad moves on its shown a whole new experience of choreography.
  • This is the best example of cinematography and editing skills of the team.
  • I would remember the ad because of the journey of the farmer and food being cooked and how we end up wasting it.
  • It teaches us to value and respect not just the food but people involved in getting the food to your tables. So a great message associated with the advertisment.
  • Emotionally strong and touches the highest level of emotions.
  • Not to forget the music, it is good too.

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