Door to Door Sales Strategy!

Door to Door Sales Strategy - how to do Door to Door Sales.

This post is exclusive for all the sales people out there. I have been doing sales job for more than 4 years including indoor sales and outdoor sales.

I will share complete Door to Door Sales Strategy which will include my experiences and my seniors training.

There is not much difference between Door to Door Sales and Marketing.

Door to Door Sales:

You knock the door, pitch the customer and sell the product or service. It is a direct selling method used by most companies. In this technique you go to customer, customer does not come to you.

Door to Door Marketing:

Delivering companies message at the door of customer.

Most of the young generation thinks that it is old and dead technique to go on the door steps of the customer and make sale.

Door to Door Sales Strategy:

Here is what you need to do to make a sales or target a potential customer;

  • Set targets
  • Be presentable
  • Communication is the key.
  • Product knowledge is mandatory.
  • Sell experiences not products.
  • Know your customers in that area.
  • Collect information for follow up.
  • Share contact information
  • Do not knock same customer every time.

Set targets:

Setting targets is number one strategy to make sales by door to door. Because you have something defined and you have to achieve it at the end of the day.

Less targets less sales, handsome targets brings handsome sales.

Be presentable:

Do you remember how well you dressed up when you had the job interview or the 1st date? Well remember here, first impression is the last impression. Being presentable means you must be well dressed, neat and clean, have that cute smile on face.

Customer feels confident if you are well dressed, they will think that you are from some reputable company, if you have dirty clothes God knows what people will think about your in your first meeting.

Communication is the key:

Sales guy with no communication is nothing but a waste of resources. This is number 1 quality of any salesperson. You need to know the communication tactics.

Here are few tips to improve communication;

  • Greetings; Proper greetings will lead you to introductions, introductions will lead you to product information, that will lead you to pitch customer and that will make your customer your potential customer.
  • Be polite and respectful. Use Sir or Madam or Mr or Miss.
  • Listen to your customer. Most of the sales force just go to end and talk about selling, which is wrong approach. You need to make a relationship with your potential customer. Know him/her by listening and then talk at their level.
  • Always ask for permission to talk or pitch and say thank you for your time at the end.
  • Body language is another important tip of communication. Positive body language brings positive results.

Product knowledge is mandatory:

You should remember 100s of questions a customer can ask. You never know which customer asks what question, so you need to know your product thoroughly, it’s description, prices, discounts and deals everything.

Just think like a customer.

Sell experiences not products:

This is very important. We tell customer everything in detail that s/he gets bored in minutes. If you sell experiences of other customers or issues you were facing before you used your product and when you started using it, how it changed your life.

Now Apple sells designs experience, automobile companies sell comfort experience, McDonalds sell on delivery experiece and so on.

Know your customers in that area:

If there is anyone who is already using your product or service in that area, it will be easier to sell because you can give example of exisitng customer or you can create referrals using that customer.

Collect information for follow up:

Most of sales community leave the client if it does not get mature. Which is alarming for sales guy. You should always take feedback of the client and contact information, it could be email or contact number.

Here are the amazing usage of that collected data;

  • You can send regular messages as reminder and new offers. Client will reach out to you when s/he needs services.
  • Email is the updated solution of marketing, free and about 50 – 60% emails generates leads.

Share contact information:

Please give your visiting card or a company brochure where your number is mentioned, or share any kind of contact info with your client so that s/he could reach when they need your service or product.

Do not knock same customer every time:

If you go to same customer and share same story and try to sell same thing, it will only irritate the customer. Rather becoming loyal customer he will leave negative feedback about your brand.

Well you must be wondering how this is better than digital media marketing/sales, well trust me this is amazing way of selling because you are interacting with your customer directly, you are easy to reach and it creates more confidence and trust.

Even we are living in digital world but trust me we still prefer all the companies which have local offices or those organizations which are easy to reach and available when we have issue.

Case study:

What I did in my job I designed my own 1 pager where I put services details and my contact information and went to house and drop my 1 pager brochure. I received few calls around 20%, from that 20% , 2% got mature means I made sales.

After that I used to knock each door now what happens here is that customer know about my services, I will just knock the door, meet the customer and make a bond to make more sales now or in near future.

Now that 1 day brochure distribution activity brought me a good number of clients and I achieved my targets.

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