Door to Door Marketing

How can you as client verify our services?

Track it till you make it – Constant updates via SMS/Email – Monitor



We track our employees’ activity so that we could make sure whole designated area is covered. We provide our clients access to view GPS on mobiles/computers.



We update Our clients on regular basis about # of streets and houses covered each day. New areas are added or completed the existing areas.



We have highly trained and professional supervisor for teams who get to audit and monitor teams’ activities.

How does Door to Door work?

Create Offer.

Is it discount or info about product/service?
What do you want to share/communicate with the customer?

Select target market

Area/Income levels.
Are your customers residents/children/Jobians or businessmen?


Select the day and time.
Well do not worry about this, We will consult in meeting.


Measure your results within 7 – 15 working days.
You need to ask your customers SOI (Source Of Information)

* Shares live location while campaign.
* Brouchers/Pamphlets in targeted areas eg: Houses/Markets/Shops/Offices/Cars in Islamabad/Rawalpindi
* Detailed daily report of areas covered and number of houses/offices/people reached.

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