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We will refer Door to Door Marketing as D2D in this article.

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What is Door to Door Marketing d2d?

In the world of marketing you must have heard direct marketing when organization directly communicate with their customers through different available channels.

D2D where companies send their promotional or marketing materials at the doorsteps of the consumers’ homes.

What does D2D marketing include?

Well, companies can send following via D2D marketing.

  • Brouchers which contains details of the company products and services.

It also includes details of packages or offers by the company. Broucher should be 1 pager or 2 pager and must not exceed more than that.

  • Catalogs is the list in which products can be listed in order. This is also form of broucher which contains list of products only.
  • Sales Flyers; Another type of broucher in which only sale is offered to the customers. Which could be season end sale, summer/winter sale, new arrival sale or promotional sales.
  • Post cards; Companies send post cards to the customers, which can be 10 year celebrations, invitation of new product launch event, birthday wish to the important clients etc.
  • Newsletters are those in which company shares the news happening around the company and in corporate world.
  • Magazines; Many companies issue magazines which could be monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual magazine.

Companies write articles about their products, services, success stories of the employees, appreciation to the top customers and many other things related to customers.

  • Product Samples; This is expensive door to door marketing type in which company share their product samples to the doorsteps of the consumers.

 What is marketist door to door marketing?

We are marketing company which provides D2D marketing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In this we discuss, plan and initiate the campaign accordingly at very reasonable cost.

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