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Brand Logo Design? Here is top things to keep in mind before designing a logo!

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Brand Logo Design:

When you begin to think or plan to start your brand, first thing comes to your mind is company logo design. But being a business person you may not have much knowledge of designing a logo, so you try to connect with

logo design agency.
In this blog I am going to share the top things to keep in mind before asking your design agency for a logo.

Have you ever imagined why there are only few logos we remember and rest we forget?

Because they put lots of thoughts before making their brand identity, here is the top things you need to consider before asking any marketing agency to design a logo for you;

  • Unique
  • Color scheme
  • Message
  • Simple
  • Connect the dots
  • Research


It should be unique and something exciting. Never copy any brand’s logo as many customers these days know major brands around the world so they will spot it in a second and say they have copied and at that  moment you may loose potential client.

We love unique things and unique experiences.

New Research: Every Transistor Has a “Unique Quantum Fingerprint”

via: futurism


Choose color of your logo wisely, if you choose black and white, then you would be stupid to expect claps on that color scheme.

Colors should be shiny, which could be seen from long way.

13 Beautiful Color Palette Generator for Your Next Project

via: geekflare


It is better to share a message in your logo. Like some meaning or some icon which could share the message.

13 Simple Welcome Messages to Spice Up Your Onboarding | Leanplum

Via: leanplum


Major aim of logo is to stay in customer’s mind. So it should be so simple that customer could remember for life time.


Connect the dots:

Try to make an story with which your logo could be connected.

Connect the dots counseling needs a fun, youthful yet minimalist ...

Via: 99 designs


Remember this tip, never ask agency to help you design what they like, because they do not know the brand and idea better than you, so do little research and then go for designing it.

Open Science: Sharing Your Research with the World | edX

Via: edx


This is our logo of Marketist, have a look and you will never forget it why?

It has a hidden word Market and ist, it has been taken from noun Marketer which means the one who does Marketing.

Well did you know that we are offering Logo Design Services?

We are. Check out our work HERE!

Why you should choose Marketist for designing your brand logo?

We are marketing company and we do not design by picking some picture from google but we follow our procedure;

  • Understand
  • Research
  • Design
  • Feedback
  • Final Design


We understand the company with complete information, name, services/products and where it is located, who is their customers and what is the age group of the customers.


We research via search engines, about your customer’s needs and wants and check the demand. We ask questions from our clients then we proceed to next step.


Although we provide design in this step but that is not final, as we need client’s feedback.


Here we make required and asked changes. We redesign it then provide final Design.

Final Design.

Email Us your requirement at [email protected] so that we could start designing your logo.

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