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Side hustle apart from 9 – 5 Job!

Side hustle can lead your work to global brand.

Everything starts from 0 and 1. Most of the times people confused that why do they leave their jobs to start their business when they can earn good money from their jobs and it will take years to earn that much from business.

So, in this blog I will discuss how to work on your own brand along with your 9 – 5 job. I call it side hustle.

What is side hustle?

A work you do when you are not doing a job and when you are working on your own brand. So work 9 – 5 for someone else but work 5 – 9 for your own brand, this way you will feed small of your time to your business which will give you huge benefit in long run.

Best side hustles?

Well everything is best if you are the best at it. If you are good at something and work extra time on it, that is the best side hustle for you.

For example:

1) If you are good at content writing why not start a blog and begin writing 1-2 blogs a day. It is very easy to make website on wordpress if you do not have time for that you can hire anyone on fiverr or upwork who can build you professional, responsive and SEO friendly blog website along with small training on how you can manage and write seo friendly blogs.

You can also contact NAXSOL for blog web design.

2) You are good video maker or good at giving presentations, then go create a youtube channel and talk about anything, there are so many vloggers who record their daily life and earn in millions.

3) And the list goes on.

Top side hustles from home:

Here is the list of side hustles you can do sitting at home;

  • Content writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Software development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Youtube channel
  • Video editing
  • Work on freelance market place like fiverr, upwork, freelancer etc.
  • Start a small business of small product
  • And so on

So how do you begin your side hustle along with your job?

First things first, never leave your job in the beginning as you have to run you kitchen.

  • Work from 9 – 5 at your job and focus on your hustle from 5 – 9.
  • Learn some skill, start from beginner level and grow to pro level.
  • Once you start earning good and you have too much work load, then hire freelancer to get your job done for your side hustle.
  • Once you start earning double or triple of your 9 – 5 job then say good bye to the job.
  • Start small set up of your hustle to your startup.
  • Once it grows start hiring permanent employees.
  • And that is how you will build your business and brand.

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