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Reels on Facebook, What are they and how to make them?

Facebook reels are the newest addition to social media. The recent trend and growth of short videos are at a peak, like on TikTok and YouTube shorts. Facebook also launches reels from its platform.

When the user scrolls down to view content video will now play, leading to a short viewing time. Facebook is launching “Reels” with several known  features like live streaming, text addition, trimming and speed. Along with these features, the reel focused on short videos of 30 seconds. The Facebook reel structure was scrolling through news feeds and watching the short videos of followers.

There are plenty of major and trending announcements on social media platforms. But keeping your finger on the pulse while building and promoting your business on social media is hard. Right?

That’s why we are giving you an inside story of some of the biggest updates from social media apps. Let’s run you through the big change to social media. In this article, we will learn what Facebook reels are? What are the features of Facebook reels?

What Are Reels On Facebook?

Facebook reels have been live since September 29, 2021. Facebook reels are short inspiring, fun videos you can create on your mobile phone. Your created reel is shared with your fans on the News feed and to a new audience in the dedicated reel section.

How To Create Facebook Reels?

You can easily make Facebook reels on your mobile device at the top of your Facebook feed. You record a clip or series of clips and upload already recorded or edited videos from the phone gallery. The Facebook reel allows you to edit your clip, trim, or add effect to your video. Also, you can add text and stickers to it. There are a variety of creative editing tools. You can add music or song to your reel from the Facebook music library or use your original audio. Facebook users can also use your created original audio to create their reels.

The Facebook reel contains a speed effect where you can speed up or slow down your video or audio. You can apply effects to your Facebook reels or can select an effect and record a video.

Benefits of Facebook Reel:

Facebook reel creates new direction and lead generation for creators and brands to achieve new audiences, gain traffic and build an organic community. Here are a few benefits of a Facebook reel.

Reach New Followers and Audience From Facebook Reel:

With Facebook reel, you can share your reels with friends and followers. You get an opportunity to deliver your message or brand to a 2.9 billion community. You can add a description and hashtags of a trending topic in your desired niche. It will allow you to reach your reel to an organic and specific audience. By default, a Facebook reel is set to “Public” for a creator who is over 18 years.

Facebook reels help you grow your community by making your content discoverable to the wider Facebook community. Your reels appear in the news feed for your followers and in a dedicated reels section for those not following you. In this way, if somebody does not follow you and watch your reel, they can follow you to learn more about you or your brand. If you are a regular user of Instagram and creating reels on Instagram, you can also share your Instagram reel on Facebook. You have to allow Facebook to recommend your Instagram reel on Facebook. It will help to reach new followers and audiences through the Facebook reel.

How to make money on Facebook Reels:

In July 2022, Meta announced that they are investing over USD 1 billion in creators across Facebook and Instagram until 2022. Meta offers new bonus programs on Facebook and Instagram that will allow you to earn money from the reel you share on Facebook. Facebook reels will pay a bonus to eligible content creators when their reels get at least 1,000 views in 30 days. Keep in mind your content must meet content monetization policies by Facebook.

When you are eligible, you will get a notification from Facebook, and then you will go to Creator Studio, where you can sign up. In Creator Studio, you can manage your reels and earn money.

Do you get paid for facebook reels?

Yes, you can get paid for facebook reels in 3 ways. Facebook Stars, AD Revenue and Promotional Content

How To Reach To More Followers And Audience Through Facebook Reel?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you gain more followers using Facebook Reels.

Always create content according to your niche. If you are a musician, you must create music-related content. Try to focus on the latest training topics within the niche. Focus on the challenges and songs and recreate the concept with your personal views.

If you are a musician or cooking expert, create a reel that shows off the skills that make your content unique. Experiment with different content types and analyse what resonates with the audience most. Always try to engage your audience and ensure that your content is entertaining and creative. Apply cool effects, music, and call of action text.

Add a surprise or twist to keep your viewer fascinated. Always ready a script for your reel before recording. Write down the script and workflow of the Facebook reel. Choose reel music wisely. Always share your reel on a different platform. In that case, Instagram will help you to boost your Facebook reel. That way, you will reach more audience and followers through the Facebook reel.

Features of Facebook Reel:

The Facebook reel contains videos up to 30 seconds long. As discussed early, you can add effect, music, and audio to your reels. Also, Facebook launches a reel for Instagram too. It means Facebook reels are now opening doors to new audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are several features of a Facebook reel.

Expended Reach To Audience:

Facebook reel reaches not only your followers but also those on the channel. Facebook and Instagram users can discover reels based on their interests. Also, popular reels appear on the top of the news feed, in-room, and in a dedicated reels feed section. The more attractive, creative, and interesting your videos are, the more the audience will view them.

Share Reels In Facebook Group:

You can share your reel in a Facebook group. If your page or profile is a member of several groups, you can share your reel in industry groups. It will create an engaging conversation, and your reel will have more business. If you are a group member, then you can allow group members to share their reel in your group. Using a reel in a Facebook group is a great way to reach a more targeted audience.

Share Instagram Reel on Facebook:

One of the great benefits and features of the Facebook reel is resharing Instagram reel content. This feature makes it easier to maximise the reach of your reel. Facebook has not yet released it to all users, but it will be open to all of you in the future.


Suppose you doubt that Facebook reels are not going anywhere. In that case, you must look at your social media marketing strategy. It’s a fact that TikTok is chief in the short video. But it does not mean that other giant platforms have given up. Facebook reel, Instagram Reel, and YouTube shorts are behind TikTok. That’s why we discuss the Facebook reel. The core takeaway from this article is that if you ignore videos while doing social media marketing, you are making a big mistake.

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