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Reasons to use .com domain

Trust me it is quite challenging to shift from country level domain to .com TLD as we have to take care of multiple things including SEO, content & many other things. Well here are top 5 reasons to use .com domain;

  • Search Engine prefers .com over other TLDs
  • 46% of total websites use .com TLD
  • Shows your credibility
  • Global audience trusts .com
  • Organization can connect with you if you have .com domain

Search Engine prefers .com over other TLDs:

This is one of the top reasons why we shifted to .com instead of .pk. With our website we were getting majority of traffic from Pakistan which was limiting our potential to get traffic from international countries like US so we decided to move to

With this decision we can improve our ranking in global market on search engines like Google.

46% of total websites use .com TLD;

There are around 7-8 billion websites on the internet and around 46 – 50% websites use .com TLD. So this adds an additional value to the brand that people recognizes .com domain rather than anyother.

Talking of domain, you can check domain on & register domain and get web hosting too.

Shows your credibility;

As it is widely known people tend to belive that .com websites are more secure and branded websites. You name any big brand and they have .com domain (Facebook, Google, Amazon, X, Instagram and many others)

So it adds credibility to the brand.

Global audience trusts .com;

If any user in United States searches for any thing, there are high chances that he will not go with anyother TLD like .co, .pk, .ae, or anyother as it feels weired but s/he will open .com website with confidence and may recommend to other people too.

Organization can connect with you if you have .com domain;

Not just users but all the other businesses will want to connect with your website as you will have .com domain

So, please welcome our new domain;

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