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Top 10 Free Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

For your small businesses, marketing is an effective strategy to have maximum clients at your business’ Doorstep from all over the globe. Whether you have a big firm or a small business, marketing solutions are a must to have a successful business. If you know to play the marketing games, there would be no need for a massive amount of money to advertise your business.

Being an entrepreneur or a small businessman, if you do not have many bucks to spend on your business, do not worry. There are several marketing solutions for small businesses you can make use of, that won’t let your small business down. Small business owners probably have a low marketing budget. It is not an easy task to promote your business professionally as it takes the cost, and as a small business owner, you don’t have a lot of money. A small business owner has many challenges but the business marketing is one of the most significant challenges in times. It is challenging to stand out within the crowd of millions of business owners who come up yearly. But it doesn’t mean that there is no marketing solution to promote your small business.

There are many solutions to market your business without spending money. Here we are discussing the top 10 marketing solutions for small businesses that would be useful for every small business owner.

1: Marketing By Google:

A Step of Fortune

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  • For a local business, specifically, the small business, marketing through Google is one of the most effective and free marketing policy available.
  •  Make a profile on the site “Google my Business.” Google my business is a free marketing tool that is easy to use. It is a platform for business owners managing their online presence in Google. The presence is based on searches and maps of Google.
  • You can edit or verify your business information on Google, my business profile, which would help the customer to access your business.
  • Moreover, you can rank your website on google to get more traffic on your business page. It is the easiest way to market your small business as there are 3.5 billion searches for information that takes place every day—more chance to have enough visitors to your business website and a high probability of purchasing from your website.

2: Content Marketing:

A way to succeed in Business Marketing

  • Content is considered as a king in the marketing of a business. The cost of content marketing is too superior that most of the business owners ignore it.
  • Creating valuable content along with About us page, Product and service page, and the blog posts can advertise your business fairly.
  • It would be best if you Create content by yourself. Write the exact information about your product which is new in the market but worth to buy it. Customers visit your website page and stay there if they find the content engaging.
  • The trend of Content marketing is increasing day by day. Your words can make the customers buy or leave the page. People visit on the landing page of the website and want to read a fantastic content to stay on the site.

Be a Blogger:

A blog brings 126% more leads as compared to their competitors without a blog.

  • One of the most beneficial marketing solution to promote your small business is to promote through your blog.
  • Start a blog about your brand. Create a well-designed content about the product that you are selling. The purpose of creating a website or blog is to provide information about your product or the content that people want. People would get aware about every feature or quality of the product you are offering.
  • If your content or given information is valuable, then search engine will promote your blog ultimately .The reader would get an idea about your product review, features, pricing and many more. It means that more people would attract to your startup business.

3: Via Emails:

Connect with your Future Clients at your Doorstep.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools in 2020
  • Email marketing is truly beneficial for your small business as it is free of cost as well as effective too. Once you get access to your email clients, you will be able to provide upcoming promotions with them.
  • To take benefits from such policies, you have to sum up a list of your email addresses. It will be a beneficial solution to market your small business.
  • Avoid sending the videos or non-commercial contacts like guides or info graphics as it will not be a useful way for it.
  • If you want to promote your small business then send only the advertising emails so that the promoter connects you directly through the email.

4: Using Social Media Platforms:

The more your business grow on social media, the more people will visit your business.

  • Statics define that more than 2.4 billion people are using social media. You can use social media platforms as your advertising strategy to promote your small business.
  • Moreover, most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are also paid collaborations. You can get paid traffic by showing your Ad on Facebook and Instagram etc.
  • You have to post engaging content about your business to connect people excessively.
  • Cross promoting your product posts on social media is a crucial step of marketing, and it would get a more significant numbers of people to see your content and recognize your business.
  • Provide a link to your profile in the header and footer. Be sure that the consumer can find you on all social media platforms by the provided links.
  • Offer contents provide some discount and give some gifts for free when customers of social media place their order to drive business.
  • Please make sure you are consistently active on social media because it is an essential key of marketing your small business in short periods.
  • Use hashtags on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. Use trending hashtags to drive more traffic as famous hashtags have millions of visitor. Tag your customers in your posts; it is a useful free marketing solution for small businesses. You can grow more followers by tagging your customers on social media platforms.

5: Youtube Marketing:

Post quality videos about your business on Youtube and see the magic.

  • YouTube is a platform where you can promote your business for free; in fact, YouTube pays you when your videos have gone viral or promoted. YouTube itself support your ads via some paid collaboration as millions of people get engaged to the YouTube through your videos.
  • Videos are popular and free marketing solutions for small businesses. You don’t have to hire a professional video maker to shot your video as it could be expensive.                
  • It would be best if you prepare a script for your video as people get engage through the voice-over of the video. Include reliable information about your business.
  • Attach some images with sound effects or edit your videos using a video editing software. Add a message about your brand and finish your video leaving a strong call of action. Promote your video by linking it to every platform of social media to get more traffic.
  • YouTube offers a great resource to advertise your small business. It is an attractive platform to create a convenient video about your business.
  • You have to focus on creating quality content instead of thinking about money earning from YouTube.

6: Sponsor An Event:

Get an immediate live audience for your small business

  • Sponsoring an event according to your pocket is the best way to promote your business as it will bring the live traffic to the event. Transport the expertise about your business to the area of your business. Describe the benefits of your business by hosting an event across your business area.
  • You are arranging the event about your business even on a local level would be a useful Marketing solution to advertise the business.
  • You have to pay a small fee to the sponsors to organize an event about your small business. It can be helpful for the people that they can discuss your product face to face.
  • The purpose of sponsoring an event is to get the relevant traffic to your startup business. It is an easy but paid step to bring the right audience that will consider the product you are selling out.
  • If you don’t have enough expenditures to arrange an event then attend any local event that you feel it would benefit your small business. No business person knows where he will find his customer or business partner.

7: Marketing through LinkedIn:

Share your ideas and blog posts to build your business brand for free.

  • LinkedIn is a known social media platform, as it is significant but not much utilized. It cost nothing to market your small business.
  • It is not enough to log in to LinkedIn, make profiles, add connections, and log out. Join Groups over LinkedIn, take part in the conversations that happen in the groups, share the blog posts of your business blog; it can market your small business without any cost.
  • LinkedIn has professional profiled people in it. Share your ideas and promote your content that built your business brand. Most of the people from the number of companies, businesses, firms looked at your profile to connect professionally.
  • Linked In is a free platform where you can create an account to put your samples there and build up a portfolio about your business. You can show the expertise of your business and market your small business for free.

8: Industrial Partnerships:

Get the whole new audience to your small firm.

Industry | Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London
  • Join the industries that are related to your business. It is one of the most courteous marketing solutions for small companies that associate you with people by industrial partnerships.
  • Remember that the partner of your business is not your competitor. A partnership can be organized locally through any event or an offline promotional giveaway event.
  • Collaboration with other industries related to your business means that people notice your business twice. Partnering with industries that relate to your business get the whole new audience to your small firm. Most of the businessmen spend a lot of money for such success.

9: Marketing Through Business Cards:

A simple strategy to make your business more promoted.

Business Cards | Scope Company LLC.
  • Marketing through your business cards is one of the beneficial marketing solutions for small businesses. Get your business cards and spread them across your business area.
  • Give your business cards to everyone you know or the people you lay eyes on. Every person that handshakes should come with a business card. The more people know about your business, the more chance you get to promote your business.
  • You have to know about the targeting customers in which part they live and work. It would help you to set up the campaign for your small business. Some areas have weak concentrations about the businesses. It would be best to set up your campaign over such areas.
  • It is a suitable plan of attack to get more audience to drive more business. These simple strategies make your business more promoted and get more traffic to your brand.

10: Make your Customers your Brand Ambassadors:

The first step to success is to convert your customer into your brand Ambassador.

  • The most effective and straightforward solution for small business marketing is to make your customers your brand ambassador. Ask the Customers to leave a review after buying your product.
  • It would be best if the review is positive. Make your customer your brand ambassador so that he can drive more audience to your business.


Hence, these are the top ten Marketing Solutions for small businesses that are most useful locally as local marketing can be less expensive rather than the massive campaigns through online marketing. But the solutions given above can drive more business and market your small business more significantly.

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