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Is Digital Marketing running PAID ADs Only?

Is Digital Marketing running PAID ADs Only? No, It is not just about running heavily paid ADs on social media, Google, YouTube, or any other platform or doing organic SEO things.

It is actually summary of following;

  • Understanding your customer
  • Knowing your business KPIs/Services/Products
  • The WHY of your business
  • Organic & Paid Promotion
  • Closing Leads & Profits/Revenue

Understanding your customer:

You should know who you are doing marketing for. The first rule of marketing is to understand your customers/clients and;

  • Their requirements/needs
  • Their activities
  • Behaviors
  • And the way they respond to things.

Knowing your business KPIs/Services/Products:

Ask yourselves these questions;

  • Do the services or products you provide to your target audience fulfil the clients requirements?
  • What value are you bringing on the table in their lives?
  • Why should they buy your products or avail your services?

The WHY of your business:

why of your business

People do not buy products or services, they buy value, experiences and stories.

They engage with your products because they feel related/relevant

Organic & Paid Promotion:


Now that you know;

  • Your customer
  • Your Business
  • & Why of your business

You should go towards organic and paid promotions.

Organic Promotion/Marketing includes;

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posts
  • Your content on your website or other platforms (including blogs, posts and videos)

Paid Promotion/Marketing includes;

  • Social Media ADs (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin)
  • Google ADs
  • Youtube ADs

Closing Leads & Profits/Revenue:

Now that you run organic and paid marketing campaigns, get ready to bring leads and close them with your services and products and start generating revenue and earning profits.

Now, that is Digital Marketing. Cheers

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