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How to start a blog from scratch? Beginners Guide

How to start a blog from scratch is the most frequently asked question.

In this blog I will share a complete guide on How to start a blog and get Adsense Approval on your website! It will be a live video series where I shall come live on daily basis and discuss blogging in details.

(If you own business website, I have written why blogging is important for business website (Read!)

Following will be covered in whole series;

  • Intro (What to expect from it & what it will cover)
  • Niche Selection (On which topic I should create my website on)
  • Domain and Hosting (Buying and Integration)
  • WordPress Installation using cPanel
  • How to set up Theme for Blog Website on WordPress?
  • Must have plugins for better web experience
  • Important Pages (Understanding initial steps on which pages are must on blog)
  • Setting up the blog website
  • How to configure Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress Blog Website?
  • How to configure Yoast SEO Plugin?
  • Blogging and AI
  • SEO basics (On Page and Technical SEO)
  • Writing first 60-100 blogs
  • Adsense approval
  • Continuous journey of blog

Intro (What to expect from it & what it will cover):


How to select Niche for blogging;

The video covers basic concept of Niche, Generic Niche vs Micro Niche, Choosing a Successful blog niche and list of 75 Blog Niche Ideas shared by SEMRUSH

How to buy domain and hosting for blog website?

This video covers What is NAXSOL, Why I recommend Naxsol, Other hosting services I recommend and How to buy domain and hosting on naxsol?

How to install WordPress using cPanel for Blog Website?

Let’s understand introduction to Hosting Dashboard, Understanding cPanel, WordPress Installation using cPanel and Understanding WordPress Dashboard

How to set up Theme for Blog Website on WordPress?

I have covered following in this video;

  • How to install Start Magazine theme on WordPress?
  • And how to import demo data in Start Magazine theme?

Important plugins for blog website on WordPress Website:

Find these things in this video; Welcome Note with intro, Must have SEO Plugins in WordPress Blog Website, Must have plugins for additional features, How to install plugins in WordPress Website for blog and Function of each plugin!

Top must have pages for blog website for AdSense Approval:

Setting up the blog website;

How to configure Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress Blog Website?

How to configure Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress Blog Website?

More will be updated as soon, so stay tuned!


  • These all are same strategies which I used to get adsense approval for my websites and for my client’s websites. I will not hide anything like most content creators do.
  • There will be Q&A session every week where you could ask anything related to the series and I shall respond to every question.
  • I will keep this blog updated after every video, so this blog can be long so stay connected with it
  • For better results watch complete videos
  • Expected time from start to approval could be between 30-90 days (sometimes it takes up to 6 months so hang in there)
  • Skip the video series or leave the blog and go watch netflix show if you expect to get approval in next 5-10 days
  • I do not provide adsense services, watch the series, you will get your answers. Please don’t reach out to me saying help you in getting adsense approval, respect my time everyone else will respect yours.

Aim is clear that you must have a website which gives you few dollars every month by just putting few blogs.

Who can get benefit from this?

  • Bloggers and Content Writers
  • People who are already doing freelancing can learn this for some extra hustle and income

What you should not expect from this;

  • This video series is not some money making series which could make you millionaire over night.
  • Do not expect million dollars from adsense until you reach propakistani level

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about How to start a blog?)

How do bloggers get paid?

You can get paid through AdSense, Affiliates, sell space for ads on website, sell your own products & services

How can I start a blog for free?
You can start with FREE or Wix or BlogSpot but I recommend to buy domain and hosting and start blogging the proper way. Read this article for complete guide to how to start a blog!
What should I write in my first blog?
It depends on niche you select for your blog, I recommend to write about your journey why you started blogging at the 1st place.

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