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How to add Hyperlink in Image in WordPress?

If you want to know how to add hyperlink in image in WordPress website, I have shared a detailed video tutorial on how to do it.

Story behind this;

I came across this option when my client asked to put a leaf image on WordPress website and asked me to make each part of leaf which can redirect me to the desired page.

I learnt it could be done with 2 options;

  1. I could write a detailed html code for the image which could have taken a lot of time and efforts
  2. Find a plugin which could assist me in completing the task

I went with the 2nd option as it saved my time and efforts, so I decided to create a detailed tutorial so that it could help others who may be looking for same solution.

How to add hyperlink in image? | Complete Tutorial;


Please share your feedback in the comments below. I hope it helped a lot

Who is this tutorial for?

  • WordPress Freelancers
  • Developers of WordPress
  • People who are doing web design/development jobs


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  • How to add hyperlink in any image on WordPress?

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