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Everything you need to know about Door to Door Marketing?

Door to Door Marketing, if you are searching this term there could possibly be 2 things;

  1. You want to learn the concept of Door to Door Marketing
  2. Your business is thinking to adopt the old technique of Marketing

Let me share the details including what is it, advantages, disadvantages, or is it beneficial for business in this digital era?

What is Door to Door Marketing?

There are 2 concepts about this;

  • Flyer Distribution from door to door in you local area
  • Meeting in person and selling your product or service

Door to Door Flyer Distribution Marketing:

door to door marketing - flyer distribution

Imagine, on Sunday Morning when you woke up you saw someone dropped that pizza flyer in your car porch or in your newsletter box where you receive bills etc. and you went through it once and keep it’s number for ordering later when needed or even if you don’t keep it but now you know that there is a pizza place nearby which is new and we should give it a try.

That is Flyer Distribution Marketing, the direct approach which allows many businesses to showcase their products, services, or events to potential customers nearby, without relying solely on digital platforms.

If you ask me does this still work in this digital era, my answer would be YES. Let me tell you why;

  • The flyer directly goes into hands of target customer better than going to spam folder of email.
  • Best for local business as the audience is very niche and area specific
  • Well designed flyer will be remembered,  if the content is catchy you will definately give it a go and check out atleast 7 Seconds.
  • The brand interacts with us by sending their information to our important part of life

Now obviously it comes with some disadvantages, let me share few;

  • It is not cost effective
  • You may not be able to track the results of it
  • Limited to area specific

Lastly, there are number of companies providing Flyer Distribution Marketing Services in almost every area, you can find it on Google or if you are the company please do comment so that people could reach out to you if required.

Meeting in person and selling:

door to door marketing - in person marketing

Now think its Sunday afternoon and you are chilling at home and your door bell rings, when you open a door you see a smiling face with a captivating pitch of selling product or service.

That is my friend Door to Door Marketing in Person, a personalized approach which allows businesses to engage directly with their target audience at their doorstep.

Now if you ask me whether this work now or not, my answer would be NO.

In this digital era people have become more private and they like if someone come visit them they must tell them on their phones or WhatsApp, you know what I am talking about, right?

There is only one benefit of Door to Door Marketing in Person and that is a face-to-face interaction offers a human touch, building trust and credibility like no other marketing strategy can.

On the other hand there are so many flaws in this in this digital era.

  • Expensive (You will have to hire a person for this, give all trainings and take care of him/her in all kinds of weathers, provide kits and multiple other things)
  • Slow results (A person cannot visit more than 20-30 houses a day, which means the reach per day is way less than it should be)
  • Tech Savvy people will never buy your product as they will not like it all.

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