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Are you a sales person? Here is few tips to sell from home, # 6 is my favorite

Tips to sell from home in the current scenario of covid19.

If you are a sales person, sitting at home and cannot go to job because of coronavirus and you have targets to achieve, here is few tips you can follow to sell from home;

  1. Make yourself available on all social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube).
  2. Always keep your phone on.
  3. Make your response time better.
  4. Talk to your friends and family members
  5. Follow up

And still if you cannot see the response, then focus on this please;

6. Start investing time in your own business.

Make yourself available on all social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube):

Trust me, whether you are a job holder or business owner if you are not available on these 5 major social media sites then you are ruined.

After the coronavirus outbreak where every institute is swtiching to digital, be it schools or service business, you just name it, everything will be online in a year or 2.

On the other hand sales person’s life is very hectic and tensed that s/he may think about their target sitting in the washrooms, so first step to sell online by sitting at home is to buckle up and feed your social media profiles before they become dead to you.

Complete them, add everything, search on google on how to make your profiles friendly and reachable.

I am sharing few tips;
  • Sign up on all.
  • Join groups on FB as per your field or company. Answer people who are looking for solutions and you are providing. Answer them even if they do not buy from you.
  • Linkedin: Add many people as you can, know them, ask them, make relationships. On linkedin you will people from executives to CEOs/Directors of the company. Linkedin is t
  • Update regularly.
  • Search with # tags and use # tags on twitter and Instagram.
  • Make youtube videos about your product or services you are offering, or detailed solution you provide to customer.
  • Keep updating about the current situation.

I will share a tip in the end. Must Read!

Always keep your phone on:

Customer loves it when s/he gets free at 11 PM and reaches home and his internet speed is slow and he is sick of complaining, that time he calls you to get internet tomorrow. So if your phone is on you will receive a call, you pick it and here is your sale.

Do not let customer wait on call and respond instantly even he sends you message on whatsapp.

Forget these stupid things if you are in sales;

Do you go to office in time? Mostly No, right? and you can always have reason to boss, Sir I was in a meeting with client that is why I am late, so if company relaxes you on many things then you should not give following execuses to yourself;

  • Whatsapp is not official, s/he should send a message.
  • Is 11 PM right time to call and you do not pick up.
  • I will see it tomorrow.

Most of the time you may be right on these but you will loose customer and if targets are underachieved you may loose the job too.

Make your response time better:

We live an era where we all have smart phones (which are considered mini computers), you can run everything all social media. Always keep your notifications on and respond to customer whenever you get any query.

Instant response will increase trust.

Follow the tip regarding this below

Talk to your friends and family members:

You see the situation outside of your house? Its deserted outside and all of sudden you remember your school friends, call them, ask them how they are and what they doing.

If they are in the same city as you, they can generate a sale and never know who might have been waiting for your call.

Follow up:

You are the worst sales person if you are not maintaining data of your customers, potential or existing.

Rule of sales: Always ask how to contact and take email or contact number. If you are not maintaining your data, start it now.

You are home and cannot visit your customers, call everyone in your list, ask them how are they, how are the services if they are existing customer. At the end ask them if they can give any reference.

Word of mouth sales is the best sales because it 99% confirmed, all you have to do is inform the procedures.

The last one is not sales tip exactly but it fits here if you do not want to do all of the above things, then you can start working on it.

Start investing time in your own business (Tip related to above reasons):

Many of us are doing jobs just to gather some money so that they could start their own thing. If you think you are the only one who is thinking this then you are wrong, have you ever asked your boss whether he wants to the job he is doing or have you asked your fellow collegues what they want to do in their life, you will surely get sad answers like;

  • Dude I have bills to pay.
  • I have family to take care of.
  • Is not it too late to start now?
  • Never thought of spending 10 years of my life here but you know time flies
  • etc etc.

Tips Here;

Just make a group/page a start inviting people, regularly update, you never know when your customer clicks that page/or join that group and find you and you make a sell.

If your customer is existing customer and he is annoyed because he is not satisfied with your services and you pick his call instantly trust me, his 50% anger just vanishes away only after you pick up the call and say how are you?

Marketist is selling services online, if you want to market yourself or your business, let us help you make a brand by;

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