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360 Degree Branding

360 Degree Branding is reaching to all potential and existing customers on all mediums so that people could remember the campaign and check out what it is about.

It is to cover complete journey of your customer from looking at your ad to buying your product.

360 Branding is a process,

In which marketer plays step by step;

  • Awareness
    • First create awareness of the brand by promoting on all mediums mentioned below.
  • Inspire
    • Inspire with the story of your product/service.
  • Engage
    • Engage by creating feedback, suggestions or comments from the end customers.
  • Connect
    • Connect your story with customers story.
  • Nurture
    • Nurture your campaign
  • Brand Loyalty
    • In the end it will create brand loyalty and your potential customer will concert to loyal one.

It is when marketing campaign is run through all the available mediums at the same time.

List of mediums used for 360 degree branding;

  • Print Media
    • It includes Newspapers, magazines, brochers, flyers and pamphelets etc.
  • PR
    • Personal Relations includes all the available contacts in the market be it personal or professional)
  • Broadcast
    • It’s major elements are Radio, TV, Online channel or local recorder)
  • Email
    • Electronic mail, times have gone when you used to send mails via postman, email is the modern way of sending detailed messages
  • Phone
    • You can send Messages, Text and whatsapp instantly to your desired or end customers.
  • Website
    • Website is an online presence eg: company’s website or any other 3rd party website be it blogger or website.
  • Social Media
    • Modern marketing focuses on facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Events
    • Sponsoring events nearby.

You can also say it is the mixture of classic marketing (Bill Boards etc) and modern marketing (Online).


Mcdonald’s is about to launch a deal to attract maximum customers to get maximum profits. Their marketing team will make an ad, which is going to be video, a picture, or some article for bloggers.

What s/he will do is contact all the mediums and tell them to begin campaign at this time, now this campaign will be aired all at once, reaching out to maximum people.

More about 360 branding:

This concept of marketing is not free and company has to pay for this to be available on all mediums at same time.

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