8 easy ways to do SEO in Pakistan.

8 easy ways to do SEO in Pakistan.

SEO in Pakistan:

If you are reading this and you what SEO is, it does not matter as I will tell you basic but effective ways here. 8 easy ways to do SEO in Pakistan.

Due to current situation, online presence of businesses in Pakistan have increased recently and people are getting to know SEO like never before.

Every business wants to be found online on google as well as social media. To do this businesses needs to do SEO to get to number 1 on google.

Here are 11 ways to do SEO in Pakistan;

  1. Find your keywords
  2. Put catchy and easy to find Title of the website
  3. Description is the key.
  4. Use Headings in the website.
  5. Clever use of images with ALT Tag and title.
  6. Make yourself available on all platforms.
  7. Update regularly.
  8. Share Your content.

Find your keywords:

Keyword research should be number 1 priority of any marketer or digital marketing expert. You need to know keywords of your business. Keywords mean you know what people are searching and how to show in that search and bring your targeted customer to your website.

For example if you go to google and search Marktist you will find Our website. so here Marketist is keyword.

Keywords strategy should be like;

  • Always go for long tail keywords (More than 2 words)
  • Specific to your niche.

How to do keyword research?

  • Go to google and find what google suggests.
  • Use google ads planner.
  • Neil Patel is amazing source to find keywords.

Hire Marketing Agency to do that job for you.

Put catchy and easy to find Title of the website:

Title of website is the first thing your customer sees in search result.

Title should be;

  • 60 or less than 60 characters.
  • Longer title may effect your ranking and loose user’s interest.
  • It should contain your keyword.

Description is the key:

Here desctiption means the Meta tag means a small description of any page of your website.

Meta tag should be;

  • 160 or less than 160 characters. (Standard which is followed by most of the search engines.)
  • This should contain your main keyword and related keyword about that page.
  • It should be catchy which forces user to click on.

Use Headings in the website:

Headings make a sequence of your content and makes content user friendly and easier to read.

Most of the times user check heading if they find useful they stay on the web and read the body else they just bounce back.

Main aim of any website is to make user stay longer and purchase anything be it tiny service.

Use headings wisely, sometimes they change the font size.

Clever use of images with ALT Tag and title:

Google crawler cdoes not only crawl your content but your images too and crawler identifies the image through the alt tags.

You will see alt tags option when you upload a picture in any wordpress website.

It would be awesome if you put your keyword in that too. Add maximum information to the image in tile of the image and alt tag.

What I do as marketer I name the picture before uploading in my pc then upload it because it becomes SEO friendly.

Make yourself available on all platforms:

Your customer is using different platforms some use facebook, others focus on instagram. Professionals follow linkedin and twitter, youngsters use snapchat and others.

So make your brand available on all the major platforms because you never know your customer uses which platform.

Strategy should be, design a post and upload it on all mediums at your targeted time.

Update regularly:

You may not believe but average user spends 3-6 hours on social media including youtube and facebook. This is time where people do not stay at anything more than 3 seconds so yes you have to be regular in content updating. You never know which post your customer could see.

On the other hand, algorithm of these platforms bring you in top searches when you update regularly.

Once I created a page and when I reopened after a week I almost lost every follower and my reach dropped from 100% to 1% which is way dangerous for any business.

Update regular, respond to your user in inbox and comments.

Share Your content:

Sharing is caring, amazing concept. You share your content means you care about your content.

Give solutions to your user they will share your content and you will get amazing reach.

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