Shout Out Marketing in Pakistan

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Shout Out Marketing in Pakistan.

In this digital era of the world, so many companies are trying different tools of marketing in the corporate world. Considering this Marketist is offering Shout Out Marketing in Pakistan.

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What is SOM?

It is the type of marketing where you hire some one or ask some one (Influence and has many fan following). This could be FREE or Paid.

For example; I am a celebrity and have millions of followers on Facebook and you as company ask me to post your product/service on my page. If I say Yes and ready to do it. This is what I am doing for you, Shouting Out to my fans about you.

Shout Out is also if I am talking on some television or radio show and I mention your work.

What does Marketist offer?

We share your link on multiple pages and groups.

Why Marketist Shout Out Offer?

Let me ask you a question, why spend lots of money on Facebook ads while you can throw your message through our services? WIth Us you can get thousands of views of your choice, 100s of people reach and multiple post shares.

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