How to do FREE social media marketing?

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Trends change, times change so do strategies. Recently we have seen a great hike in online businesses. Most of the customer has shifted to online shopping and more and more brands are adapting the change.

If you are one of those businesses and not changing you may loose loads of customers.

If you are already on this blog it means either you are a student or a beginner, marketing professional or small business owner. I know saving money is the top priority but you have to take possible measures to achieve your targets without spending money, it takes loads of efforts.

Being Marketer, I am going to discuss how to do FREE Social Media Marketing in this article.

Your customer has shifted online and searching for you on search engines like google and bing and social media platforms like facebook and others. If your customer cannot find you online you are loosing him/her.

Before moving further let me share top social media platforms where you should make yourself available now before your competitor does.

  • Facebook (Research says if there was 8th continent Facebook would be the one and one of the largest continent on earth. Billions of people are available on FB and millions of people are online and spend 1-3 hours daily on facebook ‘average’)
  • Twitter (Another top social media platform mostly used by world leaders, politicians and public figures. It is also known for trending topics and hashtags)
  • Instagram (Facebook owned social platform is famous for pictures and hashtags)
  • Snapchat (Mostly users are youth and loved because of filters)
  • Linkedin (Social platform for professionals including CEOs, Employers and employees.)
  • Youtube (Video based website where you can find everything, you name it)

FREE social media marketing startegy is simple, follow these 3 steps and you will see the results in days or weeeks;


Content is the king and yes it is. The more the better. Content is the only thing which keeps your customers at your social profile and get engaged. So you have to be focused on content.

  • Write about trending things and topics.
  • Share a story which connects your customer.
  • Ask question to engage more and more.
  • Provide solutions to the problems
  • Tell about your products and services.


These platforms are designed the way when you post regularly they will bring you up in searches and show you in search results.

Post regularly, if not every day then alternate days.


If you respond late your customer will go to next shop and trust me s/he has not to walk to the other shop online. So be responsive and tell your customer what they ask.

In last I am going to discuss Social Media Marketing Stragetgy to win on these platforms;


Create new page for your brand and select unique username like we have;


If you have better number of likes, you will be able to earn more trust. Like all other platforms FB appreciates the regular updates. Other useful things on facebook to increase reach is FB Story, Sharing in public groups and tagging your friends.


Always use hashtags using your keywords in the posts of insta. Posts regularly, like FB it has story option too, use it.


Always participate in the trends and share your point of view, if your customer likes your point of view you will get a follower and a potential service/product buying customer.

1 thing, you need to share mix reviews do not support anything which may hurt your repo.


Use it wisely by connecting to the industry leaders and create leads from them. Keep adding professionals and post to engage entirely different target there for FREE.


I love this platform personally. Now that we are talking about it, please subscribe to our youtube channel.


What would you do if you have any problem? Ask google or go to youtube right? If you are available means you have targeted your customer without paying a penny to anyone.

Use title, descriptions and tags wisely in this platform.

If you have any question please feel free to ask in comments. Also subscribe here to receive more blog updates via email.

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