Direct Marketing in Islamabad

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Direct Marketing in Islamabad.

Before discussing concept behind direct marketing, let me tell you that Marketist is providing direct marketing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Marketist aims to provide direct marketing in Pakistan in near future too.

Click here to know more about door to door marketing (a form of direct marketing).

Concept is simple, it defines that this is the method of interacting with your customers about your offer or discount. This is the only form of marketing in which you get to reach your customer directly and sell what you offer.

Direct marketing can be done by going to door to door, handing your broucher to your customer or cold calling. In this marketing you do not involve the retailer or 3rd party but you communicate yourself.

Via this type of marketing you can not only target new customers but also retain the existing customers in the market.

Wouldn’t you feel special when some brand sends you their new offer or new year wishes or eid wish?
I would love it. (Tell your answers in comments).

Why choose Door to Door Marketing instead of other classical methods of Marketing?

Here is why;

  • It makes relationship stronger.
  • Your potential customer becomes loyal.
  • Direct marketing has longer shelf life.
  • Increase in Word Of Mouth.

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